Illustration of money management tools overview

Our money management tools will help you stay consistent by automating the complex and time-consuming calculations needed both in the beginning of every money management plan, and throughout the plan itself.

This automation frees more time to focus on finding and entering good trading setups with respect to your current balance, thus maintaining consistency at every step along the way.

Money management tools included in our toolkit


Screenshot of creating a step by step money management plan overview

This tool provides a 5-steps interactive process to create a plan anchored around win:loss & reward:risk.

A plan created by this tool will set the money management rules for a whole trading cycle, thus automating all the complex calculations needed for consistent trading.


Screenshot of creating a custom money management plan overview

For traders who already have their tested set of rules for money management, this tool can be utilized to apply those defined rules to all money management calculations throughout a trading cycle.

Just like the step by step tool, this tool will automate all the complex calculations needed for consisted trading.


Screenshot of plans management tool overview

Creating a money management plan is a one time action for each trading cycle, applying that plan throughout the cycle requires proactive management and lots of calculations that usually drives a trader to shift all focus towards active trading, resulting in entering trades that aren't following any money management rules.

That shift of focus, or lets say "deserting" money management, results in over trading and entering trades with higher risk than planned, leaving a trader vurnable to psychological effects of the market and usually ends in losses.

This tool is designed to maintain trading consistency at all times, it will do all the complex and confusing calculations automatically where it can be applied when using the different trade calculation tools, eliminating the execuses a trader gives himself to desert money management & consistency.